Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 3...

We made one last stop at the Beach on our way home.

Day 2 - Drove into the Rain Forest

Day 2 of our trip started with it raining cats and dogs outside. We decided to take a drive in the rain forest and luckily in the afternoon the rain died down and we were able to BBQ hotdogs for dinner.

Road trip to Pacific Beach - Day 1

The car is all packed and Sawyer and Toby are ready to go!

Sawyer's first time to the Beach...

Not sure if sand should go in the mouth or not...

Toby got play on the ocean.

Sawyer got to walk barefoot on the beach and then a wave came in and got our pants all wet.

Dad played golf on the beach, and Toby played with the Frisbee in the sand.

Fun was had by all!

Crazy Hair!

Enjoying the day in the pool

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sawyer's still not crawling, but he's making his way over to the coffee table and pulling himself up to a standing position and cruising around the table!

Sawyer's new toy...

There's really no need to buy him toys we'll just keep giving him paper towel rolls!