Thursday, October 13, 2011

Annika's new word

Annika has a few words that she says - dada, hi, bye and doggie and today she learned a new word... stinky!

Annika drinking from a sippy cup... with no hands!

This is Annika's new trick and the first thing that little sis has taught big brother!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random photes from the Summer

Annika 6 months ~ munching on her toes.

Sawyer driving a John Deer tractor at the State Fair.

Annika 8 1/2 months

Sawyer pretending to be a deer.

Annika 8 months old - we caught her one day pulling herself up all by herself and walking along the wall.

Annika showing off her bathing suit at Sol Duc Hot Springs (Annika 9 months).

Last week Sawyer said that Annika looks like an angle but then quickly changed it to a troll ?!? Odd, but ironically enough I had taken this picture after her bath and yes she kind of does look like a troll. (Annika 10 months old)

Here's a great photo of Annika showing off her new teeth ~ all 6! The first 4 teeth all popped up the same day ~ a week before she turned 8 months, and the other 2 came a month later.

More photos from Norway

Sawyer taking a seat on the Polar Bear - the Polar Bear exhibit at the Polar Museum.

Annika lounging on the Polar Bear rug at the Polar Museum.

Waiting for dinner.

Playing at the park on a nice sunny day.

Going for a hike in the mountains. (Sawyer ~ 3 1/2 years old)

While we were in Norway Annika started sitting without support and pushing herself backwards on her tummy. (Annika ~ 6 months old)

Annika just being a cutie in the tub (at least it was used as a tub for her!)

We've got a dancer on our hands (Annika ~ 10 months)

Then Sawyer comes along and gives her a head butt!

Sawyer riding his bike

Annika walking

We bought this walking toy so Annika could cruse around with it. This is her first trip walking around with it. (Annika ~ 10 months).