Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Norway Trip in September

A big ice cream for a little guy (mom tried to share but Sawyer wanted to the whole thing for himself)!

Sleeping on the sailboat... after we got on the boat he seemed a little out of it, I was worried that he was going to take after his dad and get seasick but turns out he takes after his mom in this area and just needed a nap.

Playing at the park

Our day trip to the cabin starts out with a row boat ride across the lake. Sawyer wasn't to sure in Uncle Karl's ability in handling this boat!

Going for a walk, Sawyer found something interesting...

Maybe it was this great spot for picking blueberries

Our trip to the cabin ended with spotting a small herd of reindeer

Tromso from the top of the mountain

Checking out Oldemor's (great grandmother) TV for her
Then getting spoiled with some cake!

Getting dirty!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Trip to the WA Coast in August

The car is all packed and ready to go!

The driver is ready...
that's what he thougt! At least he wasn't too unhappy being a back seat driver

Once we got the breach it was time to play in the sand...

And play ball with Toby!

Then it was time to sit back and relax!

June Buffalo Trip

Sawyer got to ride around on a tracker made just for his size

But this is the one that he really wanted to be on!

Time for Bubbles!

Another hot day...

trying to cool off in a bucket of water

Just wasn't good enough so we headed to the beach!

After a full day of work it's time it's time to lounge around

A day at the beach

In deep thought eating watermelon...

Checking the horse out, saying hello...

Then taking it for a ride! But still not to sure about it!