Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Norway Trip in September

A big ice cream for a little guy (mom tried to share but Sawyer wanted to the whole thing for himself)!

Sleeping on the sailboat... after we got on the boat he seemed a little out of it, I was worried that he was going to take after his dad and get seasick but turns out he takes after his mom in this area and just needed a nap.

Playing at the park

Our day trip to the cabin starts out with a row boat ride across the lake. Sawyer wasn't to sure in Uncle Karl's ability in handling this boat!

Going for a walk, Sawyer found something interesting...

Maybe it was this great spot for picking blueberries

Our trip to the cabin ended with spotting a small herd of reindeer

Tromso from the top of the mountain

Checking out Oldemor's (great grandmother) TV for her
Then getting spoiled with some cake!

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