Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random photes from the Summer

Annika 6 months ~ munching on her toes.

Sawyer driving a John Deer tractor at the State Fair.

Annika 8 1/2 months

Sawyer pretending to be a deer.

Annika 8 months old - we caught her one day pulling herself up all by herself and walking along the wall.

Annika showing off her bathing suit at Sol Duc Hot Springs (Annika 9 months).

Last week Sawyer said that Annika looks like an angle but then quickly changed it to a troll ?!? Odd, but ironically enough I had taken this picture after her bath and yes she kind of does look like a troll. (Annika 10 months old)

Here's a great photo of Annika showing off her new teeth ~ all 6! The first 4 teeth all popped up the same day ~ a week before she turned 8 months, and the other 2 came a month later.

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